Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Fiskardo before the charter fleets arrived...
After Ay Euphemia on Cepahlonia, we moved up the coast to Fiskardo. A great meal out last night at Nicolas Taverna overlooking the harbour. Sea Bream and Lamb. The harobour is jam-packed with charter boats. Each to his own. Today we need to get fuel and prepare for the trip back to Malta or Sicily - haven't decided yet. Then a 112' motor yacht tried to moor between us and a Farr50. There wasn't enough water for him though...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Ionian Contd..

Gaios in Paxos
 Paxos to Lefkas and down through the Levkas canal to Ormos Vlikho. Stunning.
Ormos Vlikho, Lefkas
 Then, past the Onassis Island of Skorpios and on to anchorages in Meganisi. Cloudy today, air temp 26 deg C. Super.
Ormos Abileke, Meganisi
Underwater artefacts too:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ionian Islands

Three days from Malta, mixed weather from calm to F6 and a thunderstorm, but all in the right direction. We moored in Gaios on island of Paxos on Tuesday afternoon. More to come on the check in procedure here in a later post...now, have to find a bicycle tyre inner tube - the joys of cruising. Some Lymington friends here too!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Is this an Ugly Wally?

Now some people tell me that Blue Hound is ugly, and yes, the pilot house windows could have a nicer design - that's in my plans longer-term, but the new 50m charter yacht from Wally is, in my humble opinion, ghastly. What do you think?

Photo courtesy Wally Yachts www.wally.com Photo: http://www.wally.com/templates/popUpImgCenter.asp?ProdId=109&idImg=1285&idType=2&idChannel=184&attivo=5
It's a design for a charter boat (I can't imagine anyone choosing this design for aesthetic reasons).