Friday 6 November 2009

Well, have doubts about Aerogen wind gen output, test harness today didn't appear to work, using 9v battery as a load. Strip it!

Progress on - have loaded youtube videos of spinner dolphins and the house martin landing on blue hound last year ( ) ; also slideshows of azores and of turtles - only 3 pics - but getting to grips with the technology. Need to find a tool to edit videos - would like to get the Green Flash video on. Maybe it's still on youtube? is coming on, have just about finshed it for now. Put copyscape protection on - - see how it goes. Have got to grips I think with the aweber list management software.

My "Winning the Football Pools" book is coming on - at last step now, doing the draw selections, but a lot of results sheets to prepare and include. About 80% done now.

Job tonight is to start reconstructing the blue-hound website.

Tomorrow going to think about a heater...

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