Friday 19 July 2013

How quickly time flies and tides flow...

...yes, over 500 regular tides since I last picked up the pen for this blog. Hard to believe - though obviously we didn't see the tides in the Med! Another winter in Sicily has passed and a windy one it was! We finally got away during the first week in June and spent 2 days wind-bound, anchored off the Palazzo inside Cabo Passero. The Palazzo figured in one of the Montalbano episodes.

It's a good anchorage (have used it previously) though we hooked a rock which kept us solidly held as the gusts blew through. Use a tripping line if close inshore - there be rubble off the factory pier!

Then, a pleasant sail to Malta and an anchorage in St Paul's Bay. We're ashore now for a refit over the next few months.

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